Sunday 12 April 2020

Courier Mobile Application and Back-end Web Solution

Courier Mobile Application and Back-end Web Solution...

If you are looking for complete logistics, shipping, and courier aggregator solution, then #WindHansTechnologies has design and developed full proof pact solution for this domain.


The dashboard configuration provided by this courier management software gives a detailed report on consignment. It renders multiple courier partner and premium logistics support.

#WindHansTechnologies solution is the most experienced and successful freight management software that makes supply chain and logistics more streamline. This courier management software equips with automation and payment tools for optimum utilization of time. It consists of different modules with different fields that gives insight to all the services this software offers.

It has courier billing software supports reporting and billing for the logistics, warehousing, and courier industries. There are also various modules availed for the customer to earn the profit.


1. Using Wind Hans Technologies courier mobile application customer can book pickup request with putting fundamental details like sender and receivers information, shipment details, shipment measurement to calculate volumetric weight and using these details and loaded rate chart we can able to calculate courier shipment rate.

2. Pickup boy got allocate to the new shipment pickup using back-end panel and using delivery boy(DB) mobile application DB can track customers location to reach at right place and using OTP verification he picks up the shipment and submit it to respected branch office.

3. Using Wind Hans Technologies Couriers web back-end panel system user can book collected shipment using bulk booking or single bookings and then air way bill number got allocated to shipment.

4. Booking has two types of booking either for third party booking or system based self booking system where we can have integration to track shipment from our own system as well as there is procurement for third party tracking services.

System Deliverable:

ü  Online web based system
ü  Server setup
ü  Mobile application android + iOS
ü  Handheld device system for scanning heavy & non dox shipments
ü  Internal operation automation
ü  Process setup
ü  Custom solution design
ü  Third party API integrations
ü  Cnote management solutions


Saturday 11 April 2020

Field Sales Ordering and Tracking Solution

 Field Sales Ordering and Tracking Solution

Wind Hans Team is dedicated to develop elegant and affordable software solutions that enable small to large businesses to establish visibility online, increase sales, and improve productivity. We believe in providing best service and implement the effective strategies and provide customer satisfaction which is shown in our creative and innovative way by our young and energetic team. Also we believe in B2B relations which grow society parallel. We have hands on mobility as well as web technologies.

Field sales employee will go to retailers or wholesalers stores as per area allocated to him by administrator and they will take orders from them and punch it in mobile application. After that back-end web application will process that order and dispatch it to respected vendors. Sales employee can track order process also by check in and check out administrator can track their Geo location as well as work updates.

Wind Hans Technologies ready with FSM product to get your employee on-board and start tracking their work very next day. It is fully customizable solution we have built in.


  • To automate order process using smart mobile and web app
  • Easy to track order process
  • Tracking of employee
  • Sales reports
  • Sales Analysis Dashboard 
  • Future scalability
  • Area wise product sales tracking
  • Employee productivity tracking
  • Season wise orders and product procurement management

Some Screenshots: [You can contact on for demo]


Higher Level Features

Web Application Features:  (Admin)

o   All master management to maintain health of data
o   Can track employee’s Geo location
o   Check orders
o   Sales Reports
o   Region or area or zone wise orders
o   Products rate updates
o   Vendor list
o   Mapping of employees
o   Access controls
o   Universal push notifications panel

Android Application Features:

o   Login (Employee creation from back end)
o   OTP verification
o   Notification updates
o   Area wise vendors list
o   Put order
o   Apply offers
o   Track order
o   Check in and check out
o   Dashboard